Newborn Asha

Meet baby Asha, isn’t she stunning? I met Asha’s family around the holidays last year, they were new to the area and looking to have some family photos for their holiday card and I am honored that they chose me. They’re the nicest people, and their son Kavin, is not only sweet and adorable, but also the best dressed little guy I’ve ever seen. It was so nice getting to hang out with them while I took these photos, they are just so laid back and indulged my need to try out a multitude of props on their little one. Tina (mama), must share my excitement for knitted things, as she had already bought a few outfits meant for newborn photography which we enthusiastically included in the session!

I tell my clients that when I come to their home for a session, it might look like I’m trying to move in. I bring a lot of things, and I mean A LOT of things. I generally advise clients not to dress their newborns in any fancy outfits…as cute and tiny as those little NB sized clothes are, a lot of times they swallow up a tiny little baby and don’t photograph well. I have lots of swaddles, wraps, bonnets, hats, headbands and other pieces made exclusively for newborn photography, and I will bring those items to your session based on your answers to the pre-session questionnaire. Mama just went above and beyond in this case 😉



Newborn Abigail

Katie (mama) and I were sorority sisters in college, but sadly had fallen a bit out of touch. When she reached out to me I was beyond stoked to get to hang out with her, and we managed to get some play dates going with our kiddos after the fact. And of course, I got to meet and snuggle with her adorable new baby Abigail. Total win. They are a beautiful and loving family, and it was so great to get to spend a few hours with them.

Let’s talk about homes and lifestyle photography. Katie is an interior designer, this will come as no surprise to you as you look at some of the images from this session. The home she shares with her husband Steve, son William and baby Abigail is decorated beautifully. I truly felt like I was walking into a design magazine, and ate up every minute of it. As a lifestyle photographer, when you go into someone’s home, you’re not always sure what you’re going to get. And that’s part of the fun and challenge of this style of photography. I aim to capture life as it is, for each family in their unique surroundings. I can tell you that my house is far from immaculate, and there are definitely a lot of art pieces and photographs that I’ve been meaning to hang but just haven’t gotten around to…and that’s life.

I’m dating myself here big time, but I remember in college accidentally taking a picture of my dorm room with one of those disposable cameras. When I got the photos developed I remember almost throwing that one out. But for some reason I didn’t. And here I am years later. I have that picture and I remember that picture because it captured a tiny little cement cube that was my home for a small window of time.  Some day your newborn will be a toddler, then a kid, then a teenager. And if he/she is like 99% of teenagers, he/she will make fun of you. I imagine it’ll be like “granite counter tops? seriously mom?” And you can all have a chuckle about how early aughts you were. But in all seriousness. I tell my clients that the only areas they should have tidy are their master bed and bedside tables since we usually do family shots there, the nursery to an extent, and then just have an area clear where I will set up my newborn bean bag (if you’re going with the posed newborn session along with the lifestyle session). I know what it’s like to bring a new baby home, cleaning and organizing tend to fall to the back burner. Believe me, I’ve been there.

Baby Elsie Newborn Session

Despite Dad hailing from Jersey, this family is chock full of Mama’s Louisiana-born southern hospitality. No offense to Jersey 😉 This lovely family couldn’t have made me feel more at home as I carried in an SUV-load of newborn photography props and equipment. I ended up staying a bit longer than planned, but Becca (mama) was so gracious and welcoming, at a time when I know she must have been exhausted…although she certainly didn’t look it.

I’m loving lifestyle photography for the family shots, and then posed newborn shots in the same session for selfish reasons. I love capturing a family in their environment as they are in that very moment in time. Sure things might be a little crazy, having just brought home a new baby. But that time is so very fleeting. With lack of sleep that many new parents experience, I know that I have very little recollection of my children as newborns, and I cherish the photos we have of that time.

Then posed shots, I mean come on, I get to hang out with ridiculously beautiful newborns. What is there not to like about that? One of my favorite shots from this session is Elsie on her grandfather’s american flag. It is such a beautiful nod to a man who served our country, and will go with a similar photo of her older brother when he was a newborn.