Misheard Christmas Carols: A Collaboration

gents 2

Two years ago, I created my “Misheard Christmas Carol” Christmas cards upon coming to the  realization that “Here We Go A-Waddling” was NOT in fact, a song, that it was actually “Here We Go A-Wassailing!”  Earth-shattering, I know.  This led me to rethink other songs I may have been singing incorrectly. As it turns out “Get Dressed, Ye Merry Gentlemen” is actually “God Rest, Ye Merry Gentlemen.” Who knew. I realized that these would make for some pretty cute Christmas cards, and the fun thing about being a stationer is that when you want a card, you can make a card!

However, when I came up with the concept two years ago, in my excitement I’ll admit that I rushed to create the cards, and was never truly happy with the design. As the 2014 Christmas season inched nearer, I decided that I wanted to revamp the cards, with entirely new illustrations.

I had been admiring the work of Cuddles and Rage  for some time, and realized that their disturbingly cute style was exactly what my cards needed! Liz was a joy to work with, and skillfully drew the ridiculously amazing concepts as you can see below.

I’m still working on the e-commerce function of the shop here on my website, so if you’re interested in these cards, check them out in my etsy shop!

Misheard Carols gents peas